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Decorative Rock

Rapid Materials delivers a full line of decorative rock.  Decorative rock is one of the key landscaping materials when xeriscaping a yard.  Whether you are creating a tree surround or a small creek bed, we will deliver the decorative rock


Rapid Materials delivers all types of boulders. Boulders create dramatic impact in any landscape. Use them functionally to divert foot and vehicle traffic, or simply as the focal point in your gardens or waterfall. Looking for a way to secure

River Rock

River rock is one of the most popular stone products that Rapid Materials delivers. There’s a good reason for its popularity. It comes in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors. So it can be used with any landscape

Rip Raps

Rip Raps are another type of stone that Rapid Materials delivers. On average Rip Rap ranges from 5 inches to 12 inches. Smaller then boulders yet still excessive in weight, you definitely need a strong source when trying to place

Soils, Sand & Gravel

Sometimes your yard simply needs a top dressing of nutrient rich sand. When it comes to bountiful flower beds, good soil makes all the difference. Rapid Materials is the delivery service to call for a large variety of  sands &


When it comes to finding high quality, reasonably priced landscape materials delivered to your landscape project, Rapid Materials is the one to trust.  We deliver a variety of superior landscaping products including decorative rock, boulders, river rock, sands, soils, gravels